The Book

The Way Towards Life

We live in times of trouble, despair, distress, depression, and tribulations, just to name a few. Many of us have turned to all kinds of solutions to our problems and situations, to no avail. Why?

Because we did not choose the Way, JESUS CHRIST, from His Hebrew name, YAHSHUA. He is the Way to resolve all our troubles, and above all, He is the only Way to Heaven, to our Father GOD, YAHWEH. From topics such as love, conflict/war, and the greatness, grace and goodness of GOD, to other themes including loneliness, gratitude to GOD, flesh versus spirit, and forgiveness and reconciliation, the poems mirror real-life situations and call for action in accordance with the Word of GOD.

All proceeds from the sale of this poetry book will go to P.A.S. HOPFAN, to fund the organization’s activities, especially those in support of children, widows, and orphans.

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